Core module for simulation and computing of trajectories. JuPedSim

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Note: When reporting bugs, please make sure to use the development branch develop.

Jülich Pedestrian Simulator (JuPedSim) is an open source framework for simulating pedestrian dynamics.

The primary goal of JuPedSim is to provide a framework to ease the development, calibration, and validation of new models or models for pedestrian dynamics.

JuPedSim is currently focusing on evacuation, but easily extendable to cover other areas e.g. passengers exchange, commuter traffic in railway stations etc.

JuPedSim comes with four loosely coupled modules:

  1. JPScore: The simulation core
  2. JPSvis: Geometry and trajectories visualization tool
  3. JPSreport: Implementation of different measurement methods to evaluate out of trajectories the density, the velocity and the flow.
  4. JPSreditor: Geometry editor.


jpscore is called with initialization files (inifiles):

 jpscore config.xml

with config.xml a structured xml project file containing parameter definitions, agents distributions and other important configurations to run a simulation.

Everybody is welcome to contribute to the project, but first have a look at the contributing guide.